To GOD be the Power & Glory & Honor forever, Amen!


I have always enjoyed gazing upon the beautiful pictures created by “professionals.” When I saw their visions in print, I wanted a copy to keep for myself. Then I noticed the purchase price, and I went home empty handed and unfulfilled. When I bought my first good camera in February 2004 - a 5 megapixel Sony, 4x optical zoom, with some manual features- I was free to explore the world through a lens. The camera was just for fun at first- documenting outings, immortalizing friends, and capturing the simple pleasures of life. Then I realized that hobby and aspiration can meet where nature sparks imagination.

Inspired by what I saw in art studios, I started taking nature photographs. Being in the right place at the right time is part of the secret. The rest is letting nature speak to me. I took pictures, and more pictures. Some of them were Good, some were Bad, and many were Ugly. But the rare few, made it into my “Just the Good Stuff” folders & now here on Wes Photos.

I had the Sony a100, but now have an even better one: a700. Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Camera- 12 megapixel, full manual control, three lenses, & new super flash. I am still capturing God’s creation on earth as much as I can with my busy schedule. I later want to become a middle school math & electives teacher.

My pictures are for me, and also for the world. You can download the 800x600 files now for free (for personal use only), & they are also available for purchase, as high quality prints, just above costs, so all have a chance to own something they admire. No one has to walk away, as I once did, empty handed and unfulfilled.

Wes Photos Facts

Just the Good Stuff by year:
2004- 254 Photos
2005- 180 Photos
2006- 134 Photos
2007- 142+ Photos
Total- 710+

At my start, only nine months elapsed before I hit the 10,000 picture mark.
My first camera hit 20,000 just before I dropped it, & it broke. It lasted two & a half years.
My second camera has taken over 40,000 pictures... it is nearing retirement.
My new camera has already shot 6 weddings, including my own!
WesPhotos.com started in May 2004 with only 80 nature pictures- now there are over 700, plus thousands more in events.

Thank You Jesus Christ, for everything! Jesus is my Savior, Friend, Example, Lord, King, Provider, Protector, Healer, Peace Keeper, Life Manager, Agent- He is my everything! I love, worship, & praise Jesus, & in return He shows me love & provides for me more than I need. Christ is perfect peace. We make a good team.

Also, many thanks to my brother, Adam, for making it possible to purchase my first Digital SLR Camera, & to Brittany for the upgrade! In addition I thank my dad, Larry, for teaching me many aspects of art & photography, that have helped shape me & my creativity to what I am today. Thank YOU: my friends, family, teachers, mentors, & folks I have met along my short yet eventful life; for encouragement & continued support.

Thank you Brittany my beautiful wife for putting up with me! I love you.


Thank You, in HIS love,

Wes Nelms
Photographer/Graphic Designer


WesPhotos.com / wes@wesphotos.com / 707.295.7077 / WesleyBrittany.com

Holy Holy Holy, Is The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, Who Was & Is & Is To Come!