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Wes Photos / Graphic Design / Fliers

The Beaudettes
A fun Christian female quartet with southern accents & a retro look. I also designed the logo & took most of these photos.

Tri-Fold, Front/Back

Tri-Fold, Inside

8 x 10

California Sky Watch
Some of many designs for this national organization who watches out for the good of the public. Many are printed both as fliers & posters.

Crazy Creek Air Adventures
4 x 9 inch rack card.

Original Front

New Front



VBS 2008, 11 x 17

VBS 2009, 8.5 x 14

Church Carnival, 11 x 17
Also Printed in Spanish

Topher's High School Campain
8 x 10 & 20 x 30


Wes Photos / Graphic Design / Postcards

Two-Sided Cards
Standard 4 x 6 inch. I can have printed for you, or I will give you the file to print yourself.






One-Sided Cards
All feature Wes Photos.

Standard Postcard back

Reverse in Spanish


Wes Photos / Graphic Design / Posters

Usually printed 20 x 30, or 24 x 36 inches. The first three here feature Wes Photos.

Lake County

Skunk Train

Suchan Nursery

Golden Gate Gasoline


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