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Wes Photos / Graphic Design / Signs

Jimmy's Deli & Taqueria
Designed, built, & painted these signs. Vinyl cut & applied by Tim O'Meara. Installed by owner.

Main & Town Signs

Secondary Sign

2 x 8 feet each

Small Indoor Signs

Kelseyville Pizza
Designed, painted, & applied vinyl for these signs. Vinyl cut by Tim O'Meara. Main sign installed by owner.

Main Outdoor Sign

2 x 10 feet

13 inches tall

22 inches round

Lake County Vector Control
Designed & had printed. Owner built & installed. Featuring Wes Photos.

Mail Outdoor Sign

4 x 10 feet

Golden Gate Gasoline

Main Outdoor Sign

Building Sign

One of Six Table Signs



T wo of 13 Sayings

12 x 18 inches each

8 x 12 inches on Magnet



Wes Photos / Graphic Design / Banners

Lost Boys
Some advertising for around town.

3 x 10 feet

2 x 7 feet

Building Ad

12 x 12 feet

Lake County Vector Control
Designed & had printed. Owner built pipe frame. Featuring Wes Photos.

Top Banner with Pockets, 2 x 9

Table Skirt, 2 x 10 with black

Booth at Middletown Days

Designed, had printed, & installed grommets. All photos on these banners taken by Wes.

Photo Advertising

4 x 12 feet

Smokin' for the Lord

2 x 6 feet

1 x 7 feet

2 x 16 feet (half shown)


Wes Photos / Graphic Design / Large Format

Lost Boys
Teen sensation band. Listen for their music on the raido!

Stage Banner

10 x 25 feet

Trailer Wrap

30 x 5 feet (three sides)

Pink Elephant & Giant Casino Ads
Ad campains for Giant Rolling Ads. Find out more. These are some of the many designs. Original clipart & photos.

6 x 13 feet

3 of 10 posted trucks

Phony Casino Ad

10 x 24 feet on "Godzilla"

Photo Printing
Any photo or graphic can be printed any size. Stretch onto 2x2 inch wood frames, or stickered. The first four here feature Wes Photos.

Wes Photos Booth

4 x 6 foot in Bedroom

3 Piece Sticker, 6 x 13 feet

7 x 7 foot

7 x 7 foot

Golden Gate Gasoline
Five purchased stock photos stitched together to fill a gas station wall. 8.5 x 19 feet




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