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I, Wes Nelms, have been an artist all my life, & have been playing with photoshop for over ten years. My love to create includes woodworking, but my passion is graphic design. Here you will fand many, but not all, of the projects I have had the honor to craft.

Wes Nelms: wes@wesphotos.com / 707.295.7077

a. logos

b. business cards
          / Letterheads & Envolopes / Photo ID Cards / Name Badges

c. flyers
          / Post Cards / Posters

d. signs
          / Banners / Large Format

          Some of the videos I have edited. I do not have a video camera, but can use your footage or make a video from photos.


WesPhotos.com / wes@wesphotos.com / 707.295.7077

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