To order your touched-up photos,
or for answers to your questions:

Please include event title & date, photo numbers (just the 4 digit number is enough), & any special requests. Fixed files will be emailed back to you at the same address, unless you request otherwise.



Wes Nelms, Photographer

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How it Works:

Anytime after your event (even years later), simply email me with the photo numbers you want 'fixed', then I will correct the images & email the files back to you. As with the original, you will get the full resolution file, with copyright released to you. Send the image to your favorite photo center for prints at cost.

The following corrections will be made to all photos you select for touch-up, unless you wish otherwise.
Images are not batched automatically, they are individually adjusted by hand, as needed, until every photo looks its best.

For no extra charge, the below options can requested. You will receive fixed files both with & without these changes.

• Ance/Blemish Removal
• Teeth Whitening
• Brightness & Contrast
• Shadows & Hilights
• Color Tone
• Sharpness
• Black & White
• Sepia or Other Color Tone
• Glow
• Cropping
• Text
• Other Simple Requests


Cost: $10 per photo, $20 minimum

This price is only for images captured by Wes Photos. I may be able to fix pictures taken by others, but prices will vary. Contact me with your request.

Payment can be made by: Personal Check, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Cash, or PayPal.
Please make checks payable to Wes Nelms
PayPal to:

In most cases, photos will not be emailed until payment is received.



Advanced Photo Editing

If you have a more complex photo adjustment need, just ask. Examples include making you look thinner, wrinkel reduction or removal, smooth clean skin, deleting unwanted elements in the background, changing colors of clothing or environment, adding or removing a person from a photograph.

Other special effects are available, such as a black & white photo with a color element. Just ask.
Additional charges may apply.




Wes Nelms, Photographer

Thank You



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